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Crafted keg datasheet Crafted kegCrafted keg datasheet. The kegs are made of stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 BA and are ideal for the transport and storage of olive oil. Equipped with a screw top that allows a secure sealing during transportation.

The variety of range of available kegs allows you to choose the product for all needs. 

 The drums are made of stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 BA thickness mm. 0.6, handles instead are in ROUND steel. {mosimage} The screw top is provided with a gasket for foods that prevents the liquid to leak out. The predisposition is obtained by TIG welding of a steel ferrule.

Crafted keg datasheet

Contenitori tipo Professional

The professional containers represent one of the latest news about the production of containers for oenological use and for the storage of olive oil. This containers completely enrich the wide range of stainless steel containers, produced by Multi Inox Maffei.


The flower embossing oenological containers, Professional Type, are made using the most modern welding techniques (TIG) so as to impart to the product the highest level of quality on the market. These welding techniques and the careful attention for the selection of raw materials guarantee the absolute respect of the hygiene regulations.

On demand they are provided of:

  • Inspection door 400mm;
  • Level indicator with steel turncock and transparent tube;
  • Turncock to taste;
  • Bubbling system using nitrogen.


On our products you can apply stainless steel globe valve with drip-catching system.
They are available in ½ ", ¾" and 1 " anchor.



Primary collection tanksMulti Inox Maffei Tanks are used for the collection and containment of non-pressurized water. They are made of steel AISI 304 completely welded with TIG tecnology. The opening system with cover allows an easy inspection and cleaning.

The quality of the Multi Inox tanks is ensured by testing procedures carried out on single pieces.


  • The content of chlorinated substances must not exceed the guideline values of DPR 236/88;
  • The working pressure must not exceed the hydrostatic load of water contained in it;
  • The grounding of the tank is recommended to avoid galvanic corrosion phenomenon
  • It’s important to install always the relief valves (its section shall be equal to the intake valve but in any case no less than 1".

N.B. Tanks suitable to contain water used for human consumption in accordance with Decree Law N° 108 of 01/25/1992

Primary collection tanks

SMOOTH AND FLOWER EMBOSSING FLAT BOTTOM CONTAINERSThe flat bottom containers are made with the most modern techniques of welding (TIG) to give to the product the highest level of quality on the market.

These welding techniques and the careful attention for the selection of raw materials guarantee the absolute respect of hygiene regulations.

IFor the storage of the wine it is possible to have, on demand, containers provided with inner tube floats and a pump or with oil floats.


Conical bottom vesselsThe open-top containers are characterized by the conical bottom.

These containers are made with the most modern welding techniques, that give to the product the highest level of quality on the market.

The selection of raw materials assure the absolute respect of hygiene regulations.

They are equipped with inner tube floats and a pump.


Conical bottom vessels datasheet


il jolly

The jolly is the top of all products, convenient and practical, it imposed on the market thanks to its comfort and design.

Born from the mind of the brilliant Vincenzo Maffei, who took care of the details, making it stylish and at the same time very useful for families who have little space at home to be reserved to store oil. Thanks to these reasons the Joker is today one of the most envied and copied by competitors containers.

Equipped with a steel support that allows an easy provisioning of olive oil directly into the kitchen.

Jolly datasheet

STAINLESS STEEL BOILERStainless steel 18/10 solid containers used in the food industry.

Available from 50 liters to 200 liters, they are used in particular in dairy farming, canning, confectionery and food service.

At home they are used to prepare preserves, jams, tomato sauce, and for all the other uses that provide for the boiling of foods.


vino sfuso

The sale of bulk wine is spreading and in recent years it has increased steeply with the birth of many bulk wine points of sale.

The opening of a resale of bulk wine is today a business certainly convenient, mainly for the low investment and the limited business risk of this activity.

The wine has never gone out of fashion, and now people want to drink good wine, 'for pleasure but also because it modish. So here is the success of these activities that sell wine at the right price, without increasing the cost of the product with bottle, label, cork and box.


Bulk Wine tanks - Type A solution

How to choose a local potential to open a point of sale?

  1. It is necessary to find a commercial space of approximately 40-50 m2 with high traffic of cars and with an adjacent car park.

  2. It is necessary to choose between several wine producers to verify the quality and type of wine that you intend to sell and define the amounts that the producer is organized to deliver to each unloading. This information is necessary to define the capacity of the kegs to purchase for the sale.

  3. It’s important to verify what type of point of sale to open:

  • Type A
    vino sfuso soluzione tipo B
    With a visible tanks and load product on steel stools by using guns to fill bottles. NB For the type A it’s possible to use always-full tanks (with inner tube float) or more recommended storage tanks provided with a nitrogen system ( see Nitrogen Diagram ) as it is more easy the operation of distribution that allows the levy of the wine until the last liter with a boost pressure equivalent to about 3m of wine column that pushes, such action is due to the presence of nitrogen.
  • Type B
    vino sfuso soluzione tipo B
    With hidden tanks and wall dispensers, in this case the room becomes a point of wine tasting and therefore an entertainment space where you can drink wine and eat some snacks.
  • Type C
    With the dispenser outside the local with the same philosophy of the water house, where the customer arrives, insert the health insurance card to ensure that the person who is taking the wine is an adult, insert the coins in the token machine and charge the wine according to his needs. This solution allows to manage the point of sale without the daily presence of no operator.
  1. You can require a quote to our company according to the three different types indicated.

Ask for a free quote, sending your references to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax number: +39 0824.859714



A series of other products made of stainless steel or usable in combination with our steel containers.