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    Decenni di Esperienza e attenti all'Innovazione

We focus our attention on our clients

Sensitive to client requirements, using valid and state-of-the-art tools such as CAD and Design of finite elements we meet our clients’ needs.

Quality control starts with the production process

We are convinced that the quality of a product is the outcome of attention and control in all processing phases, the result we obtain by investing in staff training and control and testing tools of the individual process phases.

Innovation and new opportunities on the market

While remaining attentive to traditional products, the company has invested in automatic systems for the production of drums welded with TIG technology, providing a superior product in the beverages storage field. Attention to innovation and new market opportunities has allowed us to develop water stations in recent years and this year the company has developed a 4.0 dispenser for the sale of bulk wine.

Bulk Wine Sales Points

Solutions for your needs

The bulk wine sales points have always been a reference point for Multi Inox Maffei. We have three different solutions to propose based on client needs and organisation.