The franchising policy aims to achieve geographical development to diffuse our water stations at national level. We offer our partners a high level of support both in the material supply phase necessary to present our proposal to the individual municipality administrations and subsequently during routine and extraordinary management of the individual “Casa del Acqua” (water station), also ensuring our associates are equipped with all the authorisation and training courses necessary to manage the individual water station.
The franchising contract consists of affiliation for each “Casa del Acqua” (water station) developed in your assigned territory. The duration of the franchising contract is closely linked to the duration of the relationship with the municipality. The franchisee must pay a fee that entitles him or her to begin managing the station.

The franchisee of the “Casa Dell’Acqua” (water station) is an entrepreneur in all respects. He or she has the task of managing the structure, ensuring the upkeep of the “Casa del Acqua” (water station) structure and compliance with the HCCP plan applicable to the machine. Collecting takings and recording withdrawals according to the regulations stipulated by the company. Ensuring good operation reducing downtime to a minimum through rapid intervention if faults are signalled. The franchisee also has the task of collecting any complaints and has the task of proposing and supporting actions aimed at promoting and advertising the service offered. It is their job to take on any requests for advertising to run on the monitor available on the structure.

The franchisee must support the investment in relation to purchase of the quota agreed with the company of the individual “Casa del Acqua” (water station) and equally contribute to sustaining the necessary costs to carry out the masonry works and the installations necessary to activate the water station.

If you wish to become a franchisee, send us an email to: with the subject stating: Franchising Information Province (residing location to develop)
You will be contacted as soon as possible by our staff.

“Casa dell’Acqua” Water Stations Franchising