Small fermentation tanks

Wine fermentation tanks with a conical bottom by Maffei are hermetically closed with an upper round lid, on feet in welded stainless steel and set up for partial and total drainage of the stored product. They feature one or double honeycomb strip/s with the optional of insulating it/them. The pricelist includes: level gauge, wine tasting and central round lid measuring 400mm. The following accessories are available on request:

Round manhole 300, oval manhole 430x330mm or rectangular manhole 430x320mm (530x430mm)

Nickel-plated taps/valves

Stainless steel taps/valves

Honeycomb refrigeration pocket

Well for probe holder and thermometer

Analogue or digital thermometer



Accessori Professionali

Accessori Fasce Refrigerazione e Rimontaggio

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