Stainless Steel Railings for Outdoors
Outdoor railings can be manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316, both with a satin finish.
The railings proposed can be externally coupled to the step, coupled above the step or coupled on the sloped surface. The transversal round bars are full and measure 10mm in diameter, the number of round bars ensures a space between them under 9.5cm. The handrail is manufactured with stainless steel tubing measuring 42mm in diameter and can be aligned with the railing or misaligned to increase safety against intrusion. Alternatively, the transversal round bars can be replaced with Visarm 5+5 glass panels (1 PVB film measuring 0.6mm between them)


Stairs with stainless steel structure
The stairs with stainless steel structure can be manufactured in modular elements with locks without visible screws or manufactured in single, laser-profiled pieces. The stairs can be manufactured in wood, glass, steel or marble. The railing can be chosen from those available.
Feasibility will always be checked according to an inspection.