Always Full Slope Bottom Containers

Always Full Slope Bottom Containers

Containers for wine in stainless steel with slope flat bottom: Professional always full
Always full, wine storage containers with a slope flat bottom by Maffei are open, on welded, stainless steel feet and set up for partial and total drainage of the stored product. The pricelist includes: level gauge and wine tasting. The following accessories are available on request:

Air float or oil float

Float lifting crane

Round manhole 300, oval manhole 430x330mm or rectangular manhole 430x320mm (530x430mm)

Nickel-plated taps/valves

Stainless steel taps/valves

Honeycomb refrigeration pocket

Well for probe holder and thermometer

Analogue or digital thermometer

Tabella Serbatoi Sempre Pieno Fondo Inclinato

Accessori Professionali

Accessori Fasce Refrigerazione e Rimontaggio