CHIGI purifier: Maffei micro-filtered water, compact dimensions 470x95x390(h)mm for natural water or with the addition of refrigerator-carbonator to also offer cold and sparkling water, solution A) under-sink and solution B) on counter

Compact, multi-stage purifier to install under the sink and connect directly to the cold water tap of the house sink. The result of experience gained in the last decade by the company in municipal water mains management, the system proposed was designed to avoid water stagnation, the main cause of bacteria proliferation in filters.

The system is ready for installation, simply carry out the following steps:

  • Close the water under the sink
  • Remove the hose connecting the cold water tap, from the side opposite the tap and connect the hose to the purifier outlet
  • Connect the hose included in the installation kit inbound of the purifier and the other part in the water inlet point (where the pre-existing hose was detached)
  • Open the water again

The purifier is sealed and is equipped with a meter that uses an alarm to signal the request for maintenance once the litres set have been supplied or after one year (if the quantity of water used throughout the year is less than the setting).

At this point, the dispenser should be sent for maintenance to our headquarters where all the fittings will be checked and all filters replaced over 3 working days, and then returned to the sender.

The filtration system includes a multi-stage composition as follows: first level mechanical filter that blocks any impurities in the water. This is followed by an activated carbon filter used to block chlorine, an element used by the water mains providers to ensure water is drinkable. The last phase is entrusted to the UV lamp which destroys any bacteria, if present. The water you’ll get is just like SPRING water.

There’s no need for extreme filtration such as reverse osmosis which generates considerable water waste and water depletion. In fact, use of reverse osmosis requires re-mineralisation of the water to re-equilibrate the saline content.

The system described is for still water at room temperature.

To add cold water and sparkling water, you can:

A) Add a refrigerator-carbonator under the sink, with the following characteristics:

36l/h at a temperature of 3-12°C with a 1.4l carbonator that supplies 3l/min measuring 38.5x24x32,5cm, to position under the sink and a small or external 5Kg canister of CO2.

B) Add a stylish machine on the counter, with the following characteristics:

25l/h at a temperature of 3-12°C with a carbonator for 1.4l supplying 3l/min measuring 250x500x385(h)cm, to position on the sink, the solution proposed includes the space for a small canister of CO2 or alternatively a 5Kg external canister can be used.

Benefit from the Drinking Water Bonus of 2022 to recover up to a maximum of 500 euro per real estate unit for citizens and a maximum of 2,500 euro for businesses and institutions of the total cost sustained (equal to max. 50%) for the purchase of the filtration system

The purpose of this contribution is to drastically reduce use of plastic bottles, meaning NEVER HAVING TO CARRY HEAVY BOTTLES OF WATER HOME AGAIN


NB. The purifier can be integrated in the machine under the counter or on the counter to produce cold and sparkling water.  Ask for a quote for the solution you want

On counter carbonator


CHIGI purifier: Maffei micro-filtered water, compact dimensions 470x95x390(h)

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