Filling Machine Bag in Box / Dispenser 1lt., 2lt., 3lt., 5lt. and 10lt.

Standard Model (Wine, juices and non-creamy liquids) and Model for Viscous Liquids (Oil and Creamy Liquids)

Caution: Do not use the Standard Liquid Model for Viscous Liquids and vice versa

The Bag in Box filler is a 1lt, 2lt, 3lt, 5lt and 10Lt, the system consists of a stainless steel casing that connects, by means of 2 screws, to a support also in stainless steel, designed to accommodate the entrance nozzle of the Bag for filling. The filler is characterized by a liquid withdrawal tube about 1 m long and can also work with fluid under pressure up to 0.5 bar, while for the temperature of the product to be filled it is recommended up to a maximum of 50 ° C. Being a dosing machine, it can also be used for filling tinplate cans and other glass or PET containers.

Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
Pump flow rate about 6 liters/minute Non-Viscous liquids
Pump flow rate approx. 1.2 liters/minute Viscous liquids
NB For viscous liquids it is necessary that the product is not iced, in the case of extra virgin olive oil it is necessary to have a temperature of at least 9 ° C
Adjustment range approx. 8% of selected volume (-4% +4%)