Automatic doser, remotely programmable, for fermentation activators

Automatic doser, remotely programmable, for fermentation activators to manage up to 6 independent fermentation tanks

The Automatic Dispenser for Fermentation Activators (Fig.1) is characterized by a stainless steel casing measuring 400x500x135(h)mm characterized by an internal pump with pressure up to 5bar with a flow rate of 5lt/h. An electronic control unit connected with an App is able to manage the dosing programming for each individual tank, up to 6 different tanks, with weekly programming, even remotely. This proposed system aims to free your mind during the period of maximum work in the cellar and at the same time is able to manage the introduction of activators gradually so as to better manage the fermentation process of your product. The device also has indicator lights that highlight the Fermenters in which the Activating input phase is underway.

Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
Pump dispensing flow rate about 5 liters/h with pressure up to 5 bar
Maximum weekly programming


Stainless steel rod, 1m long, for inserting Fermentation Activators, with garolla connection 50 to insert the activators directly from the lower part of the Fermentetion Tank to full Tank


Optional very useful to combine with the Dispenser for each individual fermenter to be fed as it allows you to enter fermentation activator from the garolla valves 50 at the bottom, valves normally used for picking the product.

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